Front Street Studio

In this post, I am going to jump forward several decades, although my next post could go right back where I left off in Tick Ridge. But for now, I must give credit where credit is due. Without our studio at Front Street, I might not even be writing this post.

You see, when I retired in 2013 from the Education Department at The Dayton Art Institute, I knew I needed something creative to do. Friends with whom I had worked with at the museum (who retired at the same time) needed an outlet as well. What to do? A studio space seemed like a natural direction, but where could we find a space? Dayton is replete with artists and creative folks, and it is not easy to find a studio space.

We had taken one of Mike Elsass’ painting on rusted steel workshops in the Front Street Building a few years before as a gift from our boss. Since Mike is a friend of mine on FB, I sent him a message asking if he knew of any available spaces.  In no time, Mike got back with me, and guess what? Mike had a place we could use! Over the course of the last four years, we have moved three times on the third floor, and hopefully, this last studio is the space in which we will stay. In fact, we just acquired additional studio space right next to us for displaying our art. The third floor of the B-C building is full of creative energy, as Mike likes to say. A year or so ago, The Front Street Building Co. was bought by someone else, and now things are even better. That horrible leak in our studio is gone,  and there is always toilet paper and soap in the restroom (although I really miss the quirky paint colors and sightly dusty fake flowers that no longer adorn the restroom). 

Best of all, our studio is the perfect place for me to make some beautiful art with melted beeswax.

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